Spareparts for cranes

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A thorough renovation can be a financial gain

UN Mobilkraner can in connection with the statutory yearly inspections conduct a review of the necessary repairs and come with an offer on the concrete necessary repairs, which in many cases is economically more advantageous than a replacement of the crane. The renovation includes a written guarantee. 

Vi har et stort og velasorteret lager, der kan levere stort set alle reservedele.

Vores kranmontører har de mest efterspurgte reservedele med i bilen, så unødig ventetid undgås. Skulle der være en reservedel, vi ikke har i bilerne eller på lager, kan vi normalt fremskaffe den i løbet af 24 timer. 

Below please find a stock list of the PPM spare parts, which we at the moment have in our storage.

For further information about prices and stock - please contact our spare parts department by calling +45 8695 7599 or send an email to:

Michael Pejstrup -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Christian Eybye -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Per Rasmussen -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Partno        Description
000937         Castle nut
2238081       Axel
02245054      Plug
A00417-45    Socket
A01796-31    Seal kit
A03387-44    V-belt
A03407-22    Multiple plug
A03409-29    Pin, female
A03496-46    Kit
A14412-26    Contact
A26496-46    Shaft seal
A27433-48    Repairkit f/valve
A32432-53    Wiper arm
A83460-10    Shaft seal
B00412-40    Fuse
B00412-63    Fuse
B03407-23    Multiple plug
B03418-50    Electrical box
B03496-47    Seal kit
B03496-93    Seal kit
B05462-74    Pin
B07433-38    Valve
B09417-13    Sidelight
B10505-95    Fuel filter
B11386-39    Sheave/Pulley
B15031-43    Window profile
B21505-70    Valve
B23304-99    O-ring
B27496-51    Seal kit
B27505-48    Oil filter
B30460-98    Shaft seal
B31433-65    Valve
B32432-54    Wiper blades
B61505-92    Filter
B81496-14    Seal kit
C01036-17    Hydraulic hose
C01452-93    Seal
C02416-17    Control lamp
C02433-19    Valve
C03286-03    Bush
C03286-95    Bush
C03407-24    Multiple plug
C03520-17    Door lock
C05288-18    Restrictor
C08427-22    Throttle cable
C09417-14    Reflex
C09435-31    Fuelpump
C11386-63    Sheave/Pulley
C21410-03    Control box
C21505-25    Hydraulic filter
C25435-72    Pump
C26496-71    Seal kit
C61433-02    Valve block
C62462-27    Cover
C67460-86    Seal
D00318-35    Hydraulic hose
D00412-42    Fuse
D00412-65    Fuse
D01452-71    Seal
D03304-21    O-ring
D03431-63    Cylinder
D04036-53    Hose
D04304-25    O-ring
D04304-48    O-ring
D07433-17    Breather
D08505-89    Engine oil filter
D18416-59    Control lamp
D20460-60    Seal
D21432-35    Wiper blades
D22501-39    Pipe bend
D27460-42    Seal
D61505-94    Filter
D68433-08    Steering pump
E00318-36    Hydraulic hose
E00407-83    Multiple plug
E00412-43    Fuse 3,15 A
E00412-66    Fuse 2 A
E03412-09    Contact
E03412-09    Contact
E12414-29    House f/multiple plug
E15433-50    Automatic water seperator
E19431-59    Valve
E19460-57    Seal
E21410-28    Lamp
E27432-60    Wiper arm
E27505-51    Filter
E72387-02    V-belt set
F00318-37    Hydraulic hose
F00407-84    Multiple plug
F00412-44    Fuse 1,6A
F01433-64    Winch indicator
F03387-26    V-belt f/steering pump
F03496-97    Seal kit
F03505-71    Filter
F06416-13    Ignition key 32.01
F08286-95    Bush
F08433-69    Valve
F12414-30    House f/multiple plug
F18370-15    Angle 16 mm
F27505-06    Fuel filter
F27505-52    Filter
F37496-49    Kit
F41203-86    Universal joint
F47496-43    Seal kit
F58496-18    Seal kit
F58496-41    Seal kit
F60460-61    Seal
F68462-54    Block
G00407-85    Multiple plug
G02505-22    Oil filter
G03412-11    Contact f/brake
G03412-57    Fuse 40 Amp.
G03450-29    Plate
G03467-77    Seal kit
G05460-49    Seal kit f/steering cylinder
G06409-24    Pin, female
G11386-67    Sheave/Pulely
G12414-31    House f/multiple plug
G28476-13    Pipe
G47496-44    Seal kit
G58496-19    Repair kit
G70494-60    Piston rod
H00407-86    Multiple plug
H03412-58    Fuse
H03435-12    Compressor
H03485-95    Kit
H03496-30    Seal kit
H03520-45    Door lock
H06460-77    Gasket
H07433-21    Valve
H09304-53    O-ring
H19431-62    Repair kit
H27433-55    Repair kit
H30460-12    Scraper ring
H38433-76    Hosebreak valve
H47496-45    Seal kit
H47496-68    Seal kit
H60460-86    Shaft seal
H66418-32    Solenoid
H74460-04    Seal
J01304-87    O-ring
J03412-13    Contact
J03417-19    Blink light
J03435-13    Kit
J13416-44    Warninr light
J14414-41    Rubber bush
J26505-74    Fuel filter
J27505-55    Filter
J41433-89    Reduction valve
J47496-46    Seal kit
J47496-92    Seal kit
J76460-82    Washer
K03400-18    Ball pivot
K04435-18    Pump
K07433-23    Cylinder
K08432-12    Wiper blades
K13435-31    Fuel pump
K17505-16    Engine oil filter
K22496-62    Seal kit
K49427-09    Cable
K60304-02    O-ring
K68462-35    Wear pad
L02514-46    Seal
L03505-30    Air filter
L03505-76    Filter
L07433-24    Valve
L18436-44    Cable
L21416-55    Contact
L22411-07    Contact
L27505-11    Air filter
L28278-14    Pin
L41496-47    Seal kit
L47496-71    Seal kit
L60304-03    O-ring
L61505-09    Filter
M03387-32    V-belt f/steering pump
M03412-16    Fuse
M07433-25    Valve
M12496-24    Seal kit f/brake caliper
M17505-64    Air filter
M23402-84    Wiper system
M24319-62    Hose
M30496-27    Seal kit
M33460-05    Shaft seal
M60304-04    O-ring
M61505-33    Filter
M66433-77    Valve
N00412-28    Fuse
N00496-69    Seal f/feedpump filter
N03450-35    Locking washer
N04304-80    O-ring
N07433-49    Seal kit
N12303-05    O-ring
N12460-83    valve cover gasket
N29433-45    Accelerator cylinder
N38433-35    Valve
N63436-88    Valve
N67460-73    O-ring
P01304-69    O-ring
P02416-05    Contact f/steering handle
P07433-04    Valve
P07433-50    Seal kit
P11372-48    T-piece 8 mm
P22393-85    Axel f/slewing gear
P27433-61    Repair kit
P29433-46    Accelerator cylinder
P30203-73    Slide plate
P45319-56    Hose
P58496-72    Seal kit
Q01387-96    V-belt
Q01396-70    Bearing
Q03304-09    O-ring
Q24433-04    Valve
Q26427-37    Hand throttle cable
Q29496-72    Seal kit
Q33435-01    Compressor
Q41433-95    Valve
Q58496-27    Seal kit
R00398-51    Bearing
R00496-95    Shaft seal
R02378-35    Repair kit
R03387-36    V-belt alternator
R03400-93    Ball pivot
R06462-46    Lock
R07453-30    Back-up ring
R09433-37    Valve
R10505-86    Hydraulic filter
R11372-27    T-piece 16 mm
R20460-49    Seal
S03387-14    V-belt
S03400-94    Ball pivot
S03496-16    Seal kit
S04387-18    V-belt
S16496-68    Pakningssæt f/støtteben
S19319-70    Hose
S27330-60    Nippel
S27505-86    Water separ filter
S29433-72    Valve
S58496-29    Seal kit
S61400-04    Ball pivot
S64505-50    Filter
T00036-51    Hydraulic hose
T00452-81    Washer
T01433-99    Solenoid valve
t01776-11    Brake toggle
T02396-08    Bearing
T03496-17    Seal kit
T03496-63    Seal kit
T04036-67    Hose
T04304-62    O-ring
T12496-30    Seal kit
T12496-99    Seal kit
T14412-66    Automatic fuse 20 Amp.
T19460-01    Gasket
T27330-61    Nippel
T53496-10    Seal kit
T58496-30    Seal kit
U02387-35    V-belt
U03412-69    Contact
U03496-18    Kit
U03496-19    Seal kit
U12407-76    Connector
U15433-64    Valve
U18416-51    Control lamp
U19460-02    Gasket
U22416-90    Control lamp
U22501-77    Exhaust pipebend
U47496-10    Seal kit
V00496-07    Jotun ring
V01396-75    Bearing
V02416-31    Controllight, blue
V02460-50    Seal
V03496-19    Kit
V03496-42    Kit
V09427-66    Stop cable
V09433-64    Distributer
V23433-97    Valve
V24433-55    Valve
V25435-20    Pump
V80496-28    Seal kit
V83460-75    Gasket
W00519-54    Pin
W02417-04    Side lamp
W03505-86    Air filter
W05304-46    O-ring
W06460-90    Gasket
W13377-92    Valve
W21433-21    Contact
W22461-77    T-piece
W26427-20    Handle
W60460-99    Shaft seal, cpl.
W69460-66    Gasket
X02417-05    Side lamp
X03412-72    Contact
X03418-24    Switch
X03435-49    Hydraulic pump
X03460-33    Ring
X03496-21    Seal kit
X21416-89    Contact
X23433-99    Pressure control valve
X26505-87    Filter
X27377-45    Screw joint
X27433-69    Diaphragm set
X34460-19    Gasket
X42319-29    Hydraulic hose
Z00318-31    Hydraulic hose
Z01505-80    Hydraulic filter
Z02415-22    Alternator, renewed
Z03496-45    Kit
Z10520-42    Door lock
Z12273-02    Pin
Z21444-04    Gasket
Z24414-49    Vibration absorber
Z27505-92    Filter
Z41427-59    Steering arm
Z58496-12    Shaft seal
Z71467-43    Steering cylinder
Z83460-32    Shaft seal

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