Spareparts for cranes

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A thorough renovation can be a financial gain

In connection with the statutory yearly inspections UN Mobilkraner can conduct a review of the necessary repairs and come with an offer on the concrete necessary repairs, which in many cases is economically more advantageous than a replacement of the crane. The renovation includes a written guarantee. 

we have a well-sorted warehouse which can supply virtually all spare parts

Our technicians have the most requested spare parts in the service van, so that unnecessary waiting time is avoided. Should there be a spare part which we don not have in the service van or in our stock - usually we can obtain it within 24 hours. 

Below please find a stock list of the PPM spare parts, which we at the moment have in our storage.

For further information about prices and stock - please contact our spare parts department by calling +45 8695 7599 or send an email to:

Michael Pejstrup -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nicklas Brixtofte -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lars V. Sørensen -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Partno        Description
000937         Castle nut
2238081       Axel
02245054      Plug
A00417-45    Socket
A01796-31    Seal kit
A03387-44    V-belt
A03407-22    Multiple plug
A03409-29    Pin, female
A03496-46    Kit
A14412-26    Contact
A26496-46    Shaft seal
A27433-48    Repairkit f/valve
A32432-53    Wiper arm
A83460-10    Shaft seal
B00412-40    Fuse
B00412-63    Fuse
B03407-23    Multiple plug
B03418-50    Electrical box
B03496-47    Seal kit
B03496-93    Seal kit
B05462-74    Pin
B07433-38    Valve
B09417-13    Sidelight
B10505-95    Fuel filter
B11386-39    Sheave/Pulley
B15031-43    Window profile
B21505-70    Valve
B23304-99    O-ring
B27496-51    Seal kit
B27505-48    Oil filter
B30460-98    Shaft seal
B31433-65    Valve
B32432-54    Wiper blades
B61505-92    Filter
B81496-14    Seal kit
C01036-17    Hydraulic hose
C01452-93    Seal
C02416-17    Control lamp
C02433-19    Valve
C03286-03    Bush
C03286-95    Bush
C03407-24    Multiple plug
C03520-17    Door lock
C05288-18    Restrictor
C08427-22    Throttle cable
C09417-14    Reflex
C09435-31    Fuelpump
C11386-63    Sheave/Pulley
C21410-03    Control box
C21505-25    Hydraulic filter
C25435-72    Pump
C26496-71    Seal kit
C61433-02    Valve block
C62462-27    Cover
C67460-86    Seal
D00318-35    Hydraulic hose
D00412-42    Fuse
D00412-65    Fuse
D01452-71    Seal
D03304-21    O-ring
D03431-63    Cylinder
D04036-53    Hose
D04304-25    O-ring
D04304-48    O-ring
D07433-17    Breather
D08505-89    Engine oil filter
D18416-59    Control lamp
D20460-60    Seal
D21432-35    Wiper blades
D22501-39    Pipe bend
D27460-42    Seal
D61505-94    Filter
D68433-08    Steering pump
E00318-36    Hydraulic hose
E00407-83    Multiple plug
E00412-43    Fuse 3,15 A
E00412-66    Fuse 2 A
E03412-09    Contact
E03412-09    Contact
E12414-29    House f/multiple plug
E15433-50    Automatic water seperator
E19431-59    Valve
E19460-57    Seal
E21410-28    Lamp
E27432-60    Wiper arm
E27505-51    Filter
E72387-02    V-belt set
F00318-37    Hydraulic hose
F00407-84    Multiple plug
F00412-44    Fuse 1,6A
F01433-64    Winch indicator
F03387-26    V-belt f/steering pump
F03496-97    Seal kit
F03505-71    Filter
F06416-13    Ignition key 32.01
F08286-95    Bush
F08433-69    Valve
F12414-30    House f/multiple plug
F18370-15    Angle 16 mm
F27505-06    Fuel filter
F27505-52    Filter
F37496-49    Kit
F41203-86    Universal joint
F47496-43    Seal kit
F58496-18    Seal kit
F58496-41    Seal kit
F60460-61    Seal
F68462-54    Block
G00407-85    Multiple plug
G02505-22    Oil filter
G03412-11    Contact f/brake
G03412-57    Fuse 40 Amp.
G03450-29    Plate
G03467-77    Seal kit
G05460-49    Seal kit f/steering cylinder
G06409-24    Pin, female
G11386-67    Sheave/Pulely
G12414-31    House f/multiple plug
G28476-13    Pipe
G47496-44    Seal kit
G58496-19    Repair kit
G70494-60    Piston rod
H00407-86    Multiple plug
H03412-58    Fuse
H03435-12    Compressor
H03485-95    Kit
H03496-30    Seal kit
H03520-45    Door lock
H06460-77    Gasket
H07433-21    Valve
H09304-53    O-ring
H19431-62    Repair kit
H27433-55    Repair kit
H30460-12    Scraper ring
H38433-76    Hosebreak valve
H47496-45    Seal kit
H47496-68    Seal kit
H60460-86    Shaft seal
H66418-32    Solenoid
H74460-04    Seal
J01304-87    O-ring
J03412-13    Contact
J03417-19    Blink light
J03435-13    Kit
J13416-44    Warninr light
J14414-41    Rubber bush
J26505-74    Fuel filter
J27505-55    Filter
J41433-89    Reduction valve
J47496-46    Seal kit
J47496-92    Seal kit
J76460-82    Washer
K03400-18    Ball pivot
K04435-18    Pump
K07433-23    Cylinder
K08432-12    Wiper blades
K13435-31    Fuel pump
K17505-16    Engine oil filter
K22496-62    Seal kit
K49427-09    Cable
K60304-02    O-ring
K68462-35    Wear pad
L02514-46    Seal
L03505-30    Air filter
L03505-76    Filter
L07433-24    Valve
L18436-44    Cable
L21416-55    Contact
L22411-07    Contact
L27505-11    Air filter
L28278-14    Pin
L41496-47    Seal kit
L47496-71    Seal kit
L60304-03    O-ring
L61505-09    Filter
M03387-32    V-belt f/steering pump
M03412-16    Fuse
M07433-25    Valve
M12496-24    Seal kit f/brake caliper
M17505-64    Air filter
M23402-84    Wiper system
M24319-62    Hose
M30496-27    Seal kit
M33460-05    Shaft seal
M60304-04    O-ring
M61505-33    Filter
M66433-77    Valve
N00412-28    Fuse
N00496-69    Seal f/feedpump filter
N03450-35    Locking washer
N04304-80    O-ring
N07433-49    Seal kit
N12303-05    O-ring
N12460-83    valve cover gasket
N29433-45    Accelerator cylinder
N38433-35    Valve
N63436-88    Valve
N67460-73    O-ring
P01304-69    O-ring
P02416-05    Contact f/steering handle
P07433-04    Valve
P07433-50    Seal kit
P11372-48    T-piece 8 mm
P22393-85    Axel f/slewing gear
P27433-61    Repair kit
P29433-46    Accelerator cylinder
P30203-73    Slide plate
P45319-56    Hose
P58496-72    Seal kit
Q01387-96    V-belt
Q01396-70    Bearing
Q03304-09    O-ring
Q24433-04    Valve
Q26427-37    Hand throttle cable
Q29496-72    Seal kit
Q33435-01    Compressor
Q41433-95    Valve
Q58496-27    Seal kit
R00398-51    Bearing
R00496-95    Shaft seal
R02378-35    Repair kit
R03387-36    V-belt alternator
R03400-93    Ball pivot
R06462-46    Lock
R07453-30    Back-up ring
R09433-37    Valve
R10505-86    Hydraulic filter
R11372-27    T-piece 16 mm
R20460-49    Seal
S03387-14    V-belt
S03400-94    Ball pivot
S03496-16    Seal kit
S04387-18    V-belt
S16496-68    Pakningssæt f/støtteben
S19319-70    Hose
S27330-60    Nippel
S27505-86    Water separ filter
S29433-72    Valve
S58496-29    Seal kit
S61400-04    Ball pivot
S64505-50    Filter
T00036-51    Hydraulic hose
T00452-81    Washer
T01433-99    Solenoid valve
t01776-11    Brake toggle
T02396-08    Bearing
T03496-17    Seal kit
T03496-63    Seal kit
T04036-67    Hose
T04304-62    O-ring
T12496-30    Seal kit
T12496-99    Seal kit
T14412-66    Automatic fuse 20 Amp.
T19460-01    Gasket
T27330-61    Nippel
T53496-10    Seal kit
T58496-30    Seal kit
U02387-35    V-belt
U03412-69    Contact
U03496-18    Kit
U03496-19    Seal kit
U12407-76    Connector
U15433-64    Valve
U18416-51    Control lamp
U19460-02    Gasket
U22416-90    Control lamp
U22501-77    Exhaust pipebend
U47496-10    Seal kit
V00496-07    Jotun ring
V01396-75    Bearing
V02416-31    Controllight, blue
V02460-50    Seal
V03496-19    Kit
V03496-42    Kit
V09427-66    Stop cable
V09433-64    Distributer
V23433-97    Valve
V24433-55    Valve
V25435-20    Pump
V80496-28    Seal kit
V83460-75    Gasket
W00519-54    Pin
W02417-04    Side lamp
W03505-86    Air filter
W05304-46    O-ring
W06460-90    Gasket
W13377-92    Valve
W21433-21    Contact
W22461-77    T-piece
W26427-20    Handle
W60460-99    Shaft seal, cpl.
W69460-66    Gasket
X02417-05    Side lamp
X03412-72    Contact
X03418-24    Switch
X03435-49    Hydraulic pump
X03460-33    Ring
X03496-21    Seal kit
X21416-89    Contact
X23433-99    Pressure control valve
X26505-87    Filter
X27377-45    Screw joint
X27433-69    Diaphragm set
X34460-19    Gasket
X42319-29    Hydraulic hose
Z00318-31    Hydraulic hose
Z01505-80    Hydraulic filter
Z02415-22    Alternator, renewed
Z03496-45    Kit
Z10520-42    Door lock
Z12273-02    Pin
Z21444-04    Gasket
Z24414-49    Vibration absorber
Z27505-92    Filter
Z41427-59    Steering arm
Z58496-12    Shaft seal
Z71467-43    Steering cylinder
Z83460-32    Shaft seal

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