PEINER SMAG Lifting Technologies manufactures and supplies a wide range of grabs for handling of various materials. We have chosen to highlight:

  • Rope grabs
  • Hydraulic grabs for bulk materials handling
  • Timber grabs
  • Slewing unit, single and double - for cranes with a max. working load from 25 t to 308 t
Rope grabs; 2-lines and 4-lines:

VMG scrap grab:

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  Is primarily used in dockside applications, but also in scrapyards and waste incineration plants.
VSG/VSG-L wood-pellet grab csm 02 VSG d5b2e0f68d 2 csm 08 VSG f4cbc4257e 3
  The VSG-grab is especially suitable for agro-bulk (corn, fertilizer, soy, and wood pellets), and is primarily used on docksides and on power plants.
MZG/MZGL motor grab csm 06 MZGL 90152a0acb 2 csm 04 MZGL 7d94a72389 3
  The motor grab is primarily used for loading/unloading on the dockside.
Grabs for scrap handling
HMG scrap grab csm 01 HMG 369c4a0b1f csm 03 HMG c6de542133 3
  Grabs for scrap handling is supplied in the size from 400 l up to 5.000 l and with 4, 5, and 6 arms. Contact us for further information.
Timber grabs
HHG timber grab csm 01 HHG 51cddda115 03 HHG
  The timber grab is supplied for cranes with a max. capacity from 18 t to 60 t. Contact us for further information.



Brochure for rope grabs    Brochure for scrap grabs   Brochure for timber grabs    Brochure for bulk grabs

Grabs from PEINER SMAG

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